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Venue Owners,

Northern Jewel Events Agency acts as a bridge between event planners and the perfect venue for their needs. We are a valuable asset for venues, especially those with multiple spaces or less established names.

Here's how we can benefit your venue:


  • Streamlined Booking Process: We'll handle the communication and client interaction, saving your valuable time and resources.

  • Increased Occupancy: Our marketing efforts and client connections help fill your venue's calendar with events, maximizing revenue potential.

  • Ideal Event Selection: By understanding event needs, we'll ensure your venue is booked with events that are a good fit, avoiding logistical headaches or damage to the space.

  • Event Day Support: Our experienced event staff can be an additional line of event day support to your venue's staffing team. 


Request a Venue Assessment

By knowing your venue's capabilities inside and out, and understanding your client's needs, you can learn to expertly match the two to ensure a seamless event.

Northern Jewel Events Agency offers a full Venue Assessment that offers an in-depth overview of your venue. We'll work to identify key missed opportunities within your organization and help construct a business plan to capitalize financial gain. 

  • Site Inspection

  • Administrative Assessment

  • Logistical Assessment

  • Staffing Assessment

  • Contract Writing

  • Policy Manuals

  • Event Shadowing

  • Staff Training




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